Movies Opening This Weekend

Our goal is to achieve gender and race inclusion in film. We grade films before they open so you can use your consumer dollars to choose films made by and featuring women and people of color.

Just like in school, an A grade means the film has achieved race or gender parity, while an F grade means the film is not inclusive. For more information about how these grades are calculated, please click here.

Release Date Movie Gender Percentage Gender Grade Race Percentage Race Grade
04/14/2017 The Lost City of Z

lost city of z

18% imageedit_22_8913630053 24% imageedit_18_7322063434
04/21/2017 Free Fire

free fire

31% imageedit_18_7322063434 7% imageedit_22_8913630053
04/21/2017 Unforgettable


46% imageedit_16_5235803890 23% imageedit_18_7322063434
04/21/2017 The Promise


18% imageedit_22_8913630053 12% imageedit_20_5716921780
04/21/2017 Phoenix Forgotten

pheonix forgotten

35% imageedit_18_7322063434 5% imageedit_22_8913630053
04/21/2017 The Student


36% imageedit_18_7322063434 0% imageedit_22_8913630053